Power Systems


NextGen NRG designs and manufactures the Mini Power System (MPS), a renewable energy generation and storage system which enables users to generate, store and consume their own clean, free energy. The system allows homes and businesses to take their electricity needs entirely off the grid.

The MPS is groundbreaking as it permits up to three simultaneous natural inputs (solar, wind and hydro) with a single inverter – no additional controllers or complicated wiring required. It represents a major breakthrough in controllable unit technology and is a genuine first-in-the-world solution, positioning Australia at the leading edge of green energy innovation.

If natural energy stores are low, the MPS can also charge from the grid at night, storing power in off-peak periods to save the user money.

The system achieves incredible efficiency as it has the capability to intelligently control both input and output currents, depending on specific energy needs.

The MPS is completely portable, can be retrofitted to existing solar panels, and has a short return on investment timeframe.

The Multi-Input Power System comes with a complete kit, with the inverter, solar panels, and batteries included. Sizes range from 2KW residential systems to 320KW commercial systems.

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