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ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18000

CE/EMC Certificate for Low Frequency UPS & Solar Inverter

CE/LVD Certificate for Low Frequency UPS & Solar Inverter

CB Certificate – IECEE for Line Interactive UPS

Energy Conservation Certificate for high frequency UPS

Patent for Utility Models for UPS, Solar Inverter, Solar Controller

Patent for Invention


Green NRG Co’s Catalogue, in collaboration with MPS manufacturing company NEXTGEN NRG, features information about the business, its values, experience and projects, and our entire range of innovative, renewable energy products. Read about the groundbreaking Multi-Input Power System, mobile solar power systems, batteries, wind turbines, solar appliances and more.

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Prof Brendan Mackey from Griffith University is the project director for the research project entitled “Evaluating the re-building of a Climate resilient Enkatalie, Vanuatu”. The Griffith testing team were requested by Prof Mackey to analyse the technical performance of the LEDTEK ‘Mini Power System’ or ‘MPS’ – also referred to in this report as a ‘mini mobile power supply unit’ or a ‘microprocessor based inverter’ – and provide a report summarizing the approach and results, along with any recommendations.

Download the Griffith MPS Technical Report here


Green NRG Co’s Business Information Proposal has been developed to provide further information and specification about Green NRG Co’s going GREEN products. We can provide a simple solution to power, housing, and water all under a trusted one company banner to allow the easiest solution to roll out a total sustainable package.

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Is solar power the solution? Although solar power has been quickly adopted around the world, home owners aren’t getting a return on investment (ROI). With solar being the predominant energy source, most power is being produced during the day when electricity is cheaper and not required. Most electricity consumption in the home is during peak hours when rates are the most expensive. Electricity prices are rising but “feed in tariffs” are dropping constantly so the only solution is storage for on hand power when needed.

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The MPS is groundbreaking technology as it permits up to three simultaneous natural inputs (solar, wind and hydro) with a single inverter – no additional controllers or complicated external wiring required. It represents a major breakthrough in controllable unit technology and is a genuine first-in-the-world solution, positioning Australia at the leading edge of green energy innovation.

Download the MPS Information Booklet here.

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