Green Energy Farm


1 +1MW MPS

In addition to the collection of natural energy – solar energy, we will use a 1 Mega Watt diesel generator as a backup which will consist of 2 x 530Kw Gen.

Each high-frequency controller is 40KVA modular design totaling 520KVA modular cabinet
100A MPPT solar charger controller and each unit needs 20 pieces MPPT
Removable modules for NO DOWN time and easy maintenance


The isolation transformer at the output provides galvanic isolation.

The MPS advantage of the galvanic isolation transformer is that it eliminates the Electrical Pollutions (electrical noise or instant peaks) that might appear at the phase, neutral or earth line.

For example, on a rainy day, if lightning hits at the input, the electrical noise will not be able to pass through the output voltage. As a result, the load remains safe.

MPS systems along with isolation transformer are more suitable for industrial application.


Eco-mode is a low-cost MPS operational mode, which provides high efficiency (98 %). If the bypass exists in the desired voltage range and the harmonic distortion is not so high, the loads can be fed from bypass instead of from inverter output.

As soon as the bypass failure occurs, without any interruption, the inverter output starts feeding the load. The user can also manually adjust the MPS to either Normal or Eco Mode.


For your better understanding of synchronization cabinet, see the below pictures for your reference.

There would be two cabinets, each cabinet includes:
1) DSE 8610 controller
2) ABB switchgear:
T7S 1000M PR231/P-LSI R1000 FF 3P M 220/250V
3) The size of each cabinet: 600 x 600 x 1800 mm (length x width x height)

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